Tanzania, AB Mwika North
$ 15.95

Origin: Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, Mwika North

Variety: Bourbon, Kent & Nyasa

Altitude: 1400-1800 MASL

Process: Washed


  • Juicy Blackberry
  • Grapefruit Citrus
  • Complex Sugary Caramel

"Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa — slightly larger than two Californias — with Kenya to its north, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia to the south, and the Indian Ocean along its east coast.

The Kilimanjaro region, in the north, shares a border with Kenya. It’s renowned for its rich volcanic soils and plentiful rainfall, which are ideal for growing coffee growing. The main rains fall from April through July, with a short rain in November.

Mwika, just east of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, is about 8 miles from the Kenya border."

-Genuine Origins Importers

*Our preferred brewing method for this coffee is Chemex with a 1:12.5 coffee to water ratio