Sulawesi, Toraja

Origin: Sulawesi, Toraja, Pedamaran Plantation

Variety: S795

Altitude: 1400–1600 MASL

Process: Washed


  • Dark chocolate & toffee
  • Cane sugar & sweet lemon
  • Caramelized carrots

The most famous coffees from Indonesia are those from the island of Sumatra, and are processed as Wet-Hulled, or giling basah, which lends them their characteristic earthy, savory, almost meaty flavors. Sulawesi, on the other hand, primarily produces Washed coffees for export, and our partners at PT Toarco, a Japanese-Indonesian joint mill and export venture, are expert at producing clean, sweet, fruity coffees we simply love.

Most of the coffee produced in Toraja is S795 variety, developed in India to be resistant to leaf rust. The genetics of this variety is Typica and Liberica; even though it has genes from Liberica (a species of Coffea often thought to be lesser quailty than Arabica), we've seen 88+ and 90+ cups in these coffees."

-Cafe Imports

*Our preferred brewing methods for this coffee are Chemex  with a 1:10 coffee to water ratio