Kenya Mukiria Mururine AB—Special Hansa Prep
$ 17.95

Origin: Kenya, Mukiria Region, Mururine Mill

Altitude: 1850 MASL

Process: Fully Washed, Laser Density Sorted 

We are very excited to announce our first partnership with the Murunine Mill. This is an AB screen size, with smaller, denser and more intense flavors. Coupled with the special laser density sorting this coffee was put through, expect an incredibly balanced, clean cup.

During screening, the peaberries are usually removed. What makes this a special prep for Hansa is that we requested the peaberries go through a density sort and added back to the coffee. The result is an untypical from coffee as compared to others from the same region. Instead of citric coffee with grapefruit and lemon notes, this coffee has heavy berry and black currant tones. Enjoy this exclusive coffee!