Ethiopia - Wild Keffe - Tegu and Tula Farm

Origin: Ethiopia,Keffe Forest

Variety: Wild Keffe

Altitude: 1693–1860 MASL

Process: Washed and Sun-Dried


  • Raspberry
  • Orange - Caramel
  • Lingering Sweetness

Occasionally we get a coffee in that reminds a lot of the staff at Hansa why we got into this business to begin with. The new Wild Keffe from the Tega and Tula farm is a varietal that grow exclusively in the Keffe Forest, squarely in the center of where biologist theorize the first coffee plants came from. The Tega and Tula Farm is a massive 500 hectare plot, situated in some of the most beautiful and pristine farmland in Ethiopia. This particular lot we are offering is intensely sweet, rich and filled with red fruit flavors. This is a coffee offering that will be talked about for years to come.


*Our preferred brewing method for this coffee is Chemex with a 1:12.5 coffee to water ratio