Costa Rica - Hacienda Tobosi - Anaerobic Gesha

Origin:  Costa Rica, El Guarco

Farm: Hacienda Tobosi

Altitude: 1450 MASL

Process: Anaerobic


  • Blackberry 
  • Caramel
  • Hibiscus

Hacienda Tobosi is located in the El Guarco, Cartago region of Costa Rica. The region with its rich, fertile soil and perfect micro-climate is widely recognized for its high-quality coffee. The Arabica bean produced in this region yields a coffee with an excellent body, medium acidity and singular aroma.

Hacienda Tobosi was created in 2010 with a goal of producing the highest quality specialty coffee. In order to achieve this goal Finca Tobosi and Copey de Dota were rigorously analyzed. The farmers planted specific varieties to optimize the farming conditions of the different sections of the farm.

The farms are managed with friendly cultural practices and quality controls based on environmental protection. Each lot is tended to with special care including soil and foliar analyses to define the nutrients needed for the optimal development of the grain and the plant. A forest nursery was also created in the farm to provide the ideal shade trees for the microclimate.

Hacienda Tobosi has produced many award-winning coffees. In 2017 won 1st place in the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence and in 2018 2nd place. This late harvest natural processed gesha demonstrates the continued adherence to high quality coffee.

This coffee is a limited run and will sell out extremely fast. DO NOT HESITATE!


*Our preferred brewing method for this coffee is Chemex with a 1:12.5 coffee to water ratio