Baltic Gold Blend

Baltic Gold has become legend. This is what we regularly hear from our patrons, in so many words, but we are happy to agree with them. We certainly encourage you to try it, as you may find that it makes a great old standby, but it could just as easily become your blend of choice.

Before you order based on these words alone, we would like to give you a brief history lesson. Centuries ago, when the Hanseatic League was a force to be reckoned with, one of their most profitable commodities was amber, something we don’t see much of in today’s world. This coveted product came to be known as—you guessed it—Baltic Gold. The reason our much loved blend shares this name is because the beans, once roasted, have a considerable amber colored glow.

So try a cup. You won’t just be drinking coffee—you’ll be savoring world history. We hope you enjoy, with our compliments.


For ground coffee please leave grinding instructions in the notes section at checkout.