A Pound of Coffee for the Troops
$ 14.95

Coffee For The Troops started out as a way of helping our friends at two great organizations Operation Fetch and LZ Grace Warrior’s Retreat. We didn’t expect the effect this donation would have on the soldiers, but coffee has an impact. It is a way of telling a soldier viscerally that they are important and that you’re thinking about him or her. The expressions of thanks we have gotten have been truly humbling. We feel that opening up a conduit for people to give has inspired many people to express their love and support for the men and women that so selflessly serve our country.

In past years we ran this donation privately. Members of the community were so interested to be a part of it that we opened a public local campaign. In our public campaign we asked our friends and customers to donate coffee using Gander’s Choice & Cup of Grace exclusively so that the proceeds would go directly to these organizations. We we were able to donate about 575 lbs of coffee.

In order reach our goal we realized that we needed to open this up to a wider audience. We launched a GOFUNDME page with a goal of $80,000 that would allow us to send 5000 lbs of coffee overseas. Donation levels are...

  • $16 for 1 lb
  • $80 for 5 lbs
  • $960.00 for 60pd (1 box)

All shipping and taxes are included for every $16.00 donation. For

every 60 lb donation, a grinder will be included. In all cases, a third of the purchase price is donated directly to both organizations.

Thank you for your generous donation!